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I consider myself to be truly gentle and truly humble human being of immense clarity and of immense integrity with a truly rich mindset who thirsts for his truest value, his truest worth, and his truest potential, so he can one day write and review a truly beautiful success story of his life, uncover his greatness, his undeniable destiny, and who knows, maybe even transform the world for the better, with significance of his inspirational words and with the beauty of his immensely beautiful mind.   

In case you haven't seen the movie yet, here's the clip of one of the movie's best and most insane cringe-worthy moments. And in case you haven't read the book, the book is equally good.

The War of the Roses

The War of the Roses - Warren Adler




















What exactly is marriage? Is marriage truly a sacred bond between two people who promise each other to be with each other in sickness and in health until death finally does them apart, or is marriage just this necessary action between two people to profess love towards one another on a piece of paper without actually knowing one another inside and out? Well, clearly this novel's not about the good side of a marriage, but more about the bad side, for it has this raging irrational wife who describes the B-word to a T, who's not really satisfied with her life and blames her husband for it, and a husband who does actually give a damn about his marriage, well, at least until his wife decides to destroy his stuff from one stuff to another, because he's just too stubborn to move out of the house that's half his and half hers, because they've built it together. Sounds complicated, right? Well, add money thirsty lawyers, two great kids, and pride to the mix and you have got a recipe for disaster and pretty much a possibility for something immensely bad to happen to one of them or both of them. Whatever the case, Barbara and Oliver Rose may not be the most perfect married couple, but their story has earned four stars from me, because even though she was a B-word and he eventually became an A-word, I could understand both of their struggles they were facing from both of their perspective, and the writer has truly done an outstanding job with describing both of their struggles, and explaining how the household that was once the happiest household in the neighborhood, can, if we are not careful enough, turn into a battlefield, and battlefield into war that's either won or lost.     

Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 243 pages.

The War of the Roses - Warren Adler


















I am starting to wonder whether or not it is a very good idea to start a marriage with someone who doesn't really know you inside and out and you don't really know them inside and out, for if this crazy novel's any indication to it, there's disaster brewing in the air, and more than just one immensely big elephant in the room, when two people who once loved each other deeply, if they ever did actually love each other deeply, cannot get along with each other anymore, and all they truly think about is getting rid of each other from their own house, which isn't a love nest anymore, but has become a complete battlefield.   

Power Of Love

That's why

we have to be

really careful

with what we feed

our minds with,

for our minds

are like starving wolves

that feed on everything

they encounter,

meaning if we constantly

feed our starving wolves

with nonsense

all they shall ever want

is nonsense,

if we constantly

feed our starving wolves

with knowledge

all they shall ever want

is knowledge,

if we constantly

feed our starving wolves

with wisdom

all they shall ever want

is wisdom,

and finally if we constantly

feed our starving wolves with love

all they shall ever want is love.


And there's no more powerful emotion

in this world than is love,

for love connects us all

to each other,

and provides us

with this unexplainable

mysteriously powerful energy

that pushes us forward

through various different kind of stages,

fears, and obstacles which

we encounter through

our lives.


And thus provides us with with chances,

opportunities, and possibilities to grow,

to flourish, and to prosper into something

a whole lot more than we already are.


Love is thus very important part of our lives,

whether we realize that already or not.


We have to nurture love every single day,

and create loving and lasting

bonds and relationships

with those we care about,

with those we love,

and with those

who praise

and cherish






Hating someone does not

bring you as far

as loving someone


and hating someone

drains you of the necessary energy,

whilst loving someone fills you

with the necessary energy,

that energy that's really

and truly necessary

not only for you to reach

your goals, your hopes,

and fulfill your aspirations,

but also to reach your dreams,

to reach your purpose,

and naturally,

to reach the truest meaning

of your existence

and the truest meaning

of your life.





Outpost - Adam Baker


















Here's a question for you, my dear reader. What the hell or what the heck would you do if you got stuck at a refinery platform moored in the Arctic Ocean with a group of fifteen people some are strangers and some are friends,, and on the other side of the world, far from the place you are at, the world is slowly ending and destroying itself because of a global pandemic that has overtaken it? Would you stay there,with people who are about to go mad or insane because of the situation, or would you go back to that kind of world to try to save your family? Whatever the case, the author of this novel did quite an excellent job with this one, cause it's very intense and it has its truly great moments within it, some of which shall leave you breathless and others shall leave you wonder what's gonna come next. It's a truly great novel, but it's that kind of novel that you've really got to read the whole way through, or else you can't fully understand the full extent and the spectrum of its truly horrifying and terrifying story.   

Feed Your Mind With Love

Feed your mind with knowledge and it shall think of knowledge, 
feed your mind with wisdom and it shall think of wisdom, 
feed your mind with goodness and it shall think of goodness, 
feed your mind with hope and it shall think of hope,
feed your mind with dreams and it shall think of dreams, 
feed your mind with kindness and it shall think of kindness, 
feed your mind with humbleness and it shall think of humbleness, 
feed your mind with gratitude and it shall think of gratitude,
feed your mind with humility and it shall think of humility,
feed your mind with thankfulness and it shall think of thankfulness,
feed your mind with caring and it shall think of caring, 
feed your mind with nonsense and it shall think of nothing but nonsense, 
feed your mind with love and your mind shall think of nothing but love.



Faith in You

One of the reasons why it is 
so immensely hard 
and so immensely difficult 
to let go of the past 
is because we cannot see into 
and we cannot remember the future.

Do not let the past you couldn’t have controlled 
no matter how much you’ve wanted to, 
haunt your present moment-your present moments, 
and influence your future-your future moments,
and thus take complete control over,
and govern all over your life.

Let go of the bad memories 
and let go of the bad moments 
that have happened in your life, 
for bad memories and bad moments 
are those completely unnecessary items 
from your past that prevent you 
from living fully in the present, 
and prevent you from making 
a better future for yourself 
and others-those 
who have faith,
in You. 

The Importance Of Life

Life is priceless 
and thus 
has no price, 
and one of the reasons 
why we spend our priceless 
and precious lives 
on things 
that shouldn't really 
matter to us, 

is because 
we aren't 
fully aware 
of its purpose, 
we aren't 
fully aware 
of its meaning, 
because we aren't 
fully aware of its value,
and because 
we aren't fully aware 
of its worth.


And because of that unawareness 
of life's greatest gifts and assets, 
we trade life like it carries 
no importance to us at all, 
when the reality is 
that it carries immense importance 
for every single one of us, 

for it provides us with a possibility, 
with an opportunity, and with a chance 
for us to become someone truly special 
and someone truly extraordinary in this world, 
or put into other words,

someone, who can and has the ability 
to spread knowledge, wisdom, love, humility, and kindness 
not just among those in need of it,
but also all over and all across 
the world.


So don't trade your life for money,
for money has a price, 
life does not. 
And neither does your dream 
that's part of life, 
and part of 
your own 

The Ruins

The Ruins - Scott Smith






















What do you think is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you when you go on a well-deserved vacation with your girlfriend and with your friends? The answer to this horror novel is not a lost luggage on an airport or kidnapping or a disappearance of a friend of sorts, but more holding you, your girlfriend, and your friends hostage, if that makes sense, on old ruins that are apparently alive in a very terrifying way, well at least its plant is alive. And what's even worse is that these ruins are surrounded by these angry villagers or protectors of the ruins that don't want that living plant to spread all over the world, so they make sure you stay on the ruins with your loved ones until you yourself die or they die either by the plant or by their arrows. Now, how the heck and how the hell can you escape from such a predicament, when the plant is slowly eating you, your girlfriend, and your friends out, and the ruins are surrounded by angry villagers who don't want you to escape their eyesight. It seems very much impossible to escape from that, but Ruins have a very cool guy, who's knowledgeable and who's really smart and inventive and wants himself, his girlfriend, and his friends to get out of the predicament they've found themselves in. But whether he succeeds or fails, that's a completely different story. All in all, the novel is not that bad and is quite fun to read, and quite tense at times, and it really makes you feel bad about all the characters and cheer for their seemingly impossible survival. So, if you're one of those who loves to read survival horrors of sorts, and likes to cheer for the lead fictional character's survival, get your hands on this novel and don't mind all the negative reviews, focus on the positive ones, for they are pretty much the ones who share the true positive side of this novel's insane story of hope and survival.     

Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded

Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded - Hannah Hart



















As the short synopsis says this is an autobiography book of a widely known and wildly popular and weirdly insane world wide web personality who has millions of subscribers and is loved by millions of people from the world wide web and I dare say millions of people from all over the world. In this book of hers she's very funny, she's very playful, very hilarious, and she's truly sincere when it comes to her sexuality. Which should have been reason enough for you to get it and read the hell out of it. I have to admit that I am not big when it comes to world wide web celebrities or their fan bases, but was completely surprised by her honest approach and the fact that she didn't sugar-coat the whole thing and made it more kid friendly. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed reading about her life prior the world wide web fame and between her world wide web fame, so much that I couldn't help but give it a well-deserved number of stars upon finishing it, and I have a hunch that so will you, for she's quite a catch and really knows how to make people laugh, so this autobiography offers quite a look into her somewhat private, somewhat personal, and somewhat professional life.     

Real Wealth Comes From Within

Real wealth 
has nothing to do 
with thousands, 
or billions 
of dollars 
on off-shore 
bank accounts.


I pity those who think and believe so, 
because they've been taught so.

For real wealth comes from within 
and not from without.

One can be thought 
and carry himself 
as a Millionaire 
or as a Billionaire 
and can never be
truly wealthy.


Sure, he's wealthy to the world 
for all the world sees is his riches,
and he's wealthy to himself, 
for all he sees is his own riches, 
but he's never truly wealthy 
no matter how much 
he wants to be wealthy, 
for he cannot be truly wealthy 
until he knows 
and realizes where 
the wealth truly comes from 
and what it truly means 
to be wealthy.


Where that is, 
the answer to that is clear as day,
within his mind, 
because his mind-our minds 
are our most powerful, most precious, 
and most priceless possessions, 
and there's nothing that can stop our minds 
from succeeding at whatever it is 
that we want or wish to succeed at,

when we let go of false beliefs 
that have been with us throughout 
pretty much all of our lives, 
our greatest fears be that of success or failure, 
our private insecurities, 
and our hidden temptations and desires.


To be truly wealthy means just that, 
to let go of false beliefs, 
to let go of your greatest fears 
of success or failure, 
to let go of your insecurities, 
and your hidden temptations and desires, 
for once you let go of those things 
you can prosper and you can flourish 
with your mind, 

and you can grow yourself 
to become something a whole lot more, 
not a Millionaire or a Billionaire, 
but a person of true value 
and a person of true worth 
who is in tune with 
his or her own spiritual 


To conclude, 
Being a Millionaire or a Billionaire
is just a title you carry with yourself 
if you've no idea of your own true wealth
that resides within your mind.


If you do however have an idea 
of your own true wealth, 
then it's not just a title, 
but an obligation that 
you carry with yourself,

obligation to those who surround you, 
obligation to those who follow your lead, 
obligation to those who admire you, 
obligation to those who protect your name, 
and finally obligation to those 
who carry you and have always 
carried you.



my avid readers. 

The Secret by the Lake

The Secret by the Lake - Louise Douglas


















This novel has got quite a lot of negative reviews and quite a lot of positive reviews all over the world wide web, probably because of the strange mystery and because of the weird story line that's within it, but what truly convinced me to give it a chance was the wonderful, beautiful, and mysterious cover. And I am definitely not sorry for giving it a chance, for it was quite a welcome change for me after finishing the series of Robert Hunter novels. I'll say this: If you are a fan of thriller novels with strange mysteries and weird story lines that eventually lead to satisfying or not so satisfying conclusion, and if you love and are attracted by the covers as beautiful and as wonderful, and as mysterious as this one  is, then this mystery thriller novel is pretty much perfect for you and your reading pleasure. That said, if you are not, then I simply suggest for you to stay away from it, because you may end up being very disappointed and cheated in a way by its not as surprising and predictable ending.  

Find Gratitude In The Smallest Of Things

If you cannot find endless 
amount of gratitude 
in the smallest of 
heavenly miracles 
and in the smallest 
of precious moments 
that happen
and occur 
in your life, 
you simply cannot 
expect victory 
in such an immensely
important matter 
as is the Game of Life.


For the Game of Life requires 
of you and demands of you 
to be grateful for 
the smallest things, 
for gratitude eventually 
builds trust, 
trust eventually 
builds relationships, 
and relationships 
eventually build 
a peace of mind, 
and eventually lead you 
towards a much better future 
for yourself, those who follow your lead, 
those who care about you, 
and those who surround you. 

So the worst mistake people can make 
is to complain about their current situations 
and especially about their lives, 
for complaining leads nowhere special 
but down the road nobody truly want to travel to, 
whilst gratitude leads somewhere special up the road 
everyone wants to travel to.

Where that is, I already know for me, 
but not for you, 
for we've all got different 
targets and we've all got different destinations 
within our minds.


One thing that we do have 
in common is gratitude 
we either decide to share 
amongst each other 
or we simply don't decide 
to share amongst each other, 
because of a nasty thing 
such as is our pride.


So appreciate the smallest of moments, 
be grateful for the smallest of moments, 
don't let pride stand in a way of gratitude, 
embrace things for what they are 
and don't complain about them, 
for it's only then you shall truly travel
down the road that won't bring you sadness, 
disappointment, and sorrow, 

but shall instead bring you endless amount of joy, 
endless amount of laughter, and endless amount of happiness.

And once that finally happens,
there shall be so much joy, 
so much laughter, 
and so much happiness
in your life, 
that your beautiful mind 
and your beautiful life 
shall finally be enriched 
by their truest of purposes and
by their truest of meanings.

Gallery of the Dead

Gallery of the Dead - Chris Carter


















From the moment I started reading this novel I knew that I was in for a truly crazy and for a truly insane Roller-Coaster ride, because that's exactly what Chris Carter does with his truly brilliant writing, delivers a truly crazy and a truly insane Roller-Coaster ride which you absolutely can't get enough, because it's just so good, just so crazy, and just so insane whirlwind of crazy and insane emotions. So there's really no words needed to describe his work and to describe his brilliant writing, because he truly know how to bring his characters to life and make sure that nobody but the star, the lead, and what's probably one of the best protagonists of thriller novels ever, Robert Hunter, is really and truly safe. What I really loved about this one though is that the story wasn't the usual story from Robert Hunter novels, but it was a tad-bit different from the usual story and offered something more, which to me, was a welcome change, because I wanted to see Robert grow as a human being and as a homicide detective, and do something else but solving truly insane crimes committed by truly insane monsters of the world. Whether he did it again, solved the puzzle, connected all the dots with his brilliant mind, is for all of you to see, but I will tell you this, in the end of this novel you shall feel really bad for Robert and probably every human being inside of the novel's fictional world, because it's filled with a truly brilliant twist that can only offer another truly crazy and truly insane Roller-Coaster ride when the next novel of the series comes out. 


Replacing Bad With the Good

When it comes to habits 
what you've got to do is 
that you've got to first recognize 
which are your good habits 
and which are your bad habits 
that you do throughout the day 
or throughout the week, 

and second, you've got to cross
bad habits off your list of bad habits, 
and slowly, step by step, 
replace those bad habits with the good habits.

I know that I sound like a brain scientist when I tell you this,
but it's the truth.


For, before you can truly apply big habits into your life, 
you must start with the small good habits
and slowly replace your bad habits 
with the small good habits, 
until the small good habits become 
part of your everyday life

 and there's no room for bad habits anymore. 


It takes time for a new habit 
to become a part of your everyday life, 
for our minds are used 
to the bad ones that we do, 
for they know no other habit.


That's exactly why we must 
introduce good habits to our minds, 
so our minds can see 
that there are also good habits out there
that we can do everyday and apply to our lives.


Think of it this way,

folding up your bed or bed sheets every morning 
for at least one month straight 
can bring a truly immense amount of joy 
into your life,

because a habit as simple as this habit 
eventually replaces a bad habit, 
until bad habit is no more,

and you can finally get rid of bad habit 
by folding up your bed or bed sheets,
or doing something entirely different 
with a big smile on your face 
and with a genuine sense

of accomplishment.

Your Own True Worth

You don‘t really have to

prove to anybody

or to anyone

but yourself

that you are

worthy far more

than you yourself

can ever begin

to imagine.

For once you realize

your true worth

you also realize

something truly

immensely important

you should have realized

a long time ago,

that there‘s nothing

in this whole wide world

or this Universe

that can buy

your true worth,

for your true worth

is priceless and

has no price.


No price.


What it has though

is true meaning,

and you have got to

work on that true meaning

day by day

to improve

and better yourself,

to grow your true worth

as a human being

and separate yourself from

those who don‘t

praise and cherish it

and cannot see it

within you.


You don‘t really have to

show it to those

who can see it within you,

because they already know

it‘s there,


and there‘s no use

and there's no need

to show it to those

who cannot see it,

because they shall

never admit themselves

that it‘s there.


Your true worth is

your true worth alone

and you are the only person

in this whole wide world

or in this Universe

that it belongs to.


So don‘t prove yourself

to anybody or anyone

who shall never want

or admit to see it-


Just nurture it,

grow your true worth,

and its true meaning

as a human being

that you are

and you never know,

you may surprise yourself

someday by finally and eventually

finding your true self,

true meaning of your life,

and your own true meaning.


Blessings. :)