Tickets To Paradise

I consider myself being a truly gentle and truly humble human being with immense thirst for potential, worth, value, and success, for I strongly believe that each and every one of us is special in a way in the eyes of the Universe and deserves to reach and achieve the craziest and wildest dreams imaginable and enjoy life's greatest rewards.

Love Yourself Truthfully

We all have a piece of greatness inside of us,

but problem is that we fail to realize

its power, its significance, its strength,

and the influence our greatness has on people around us,

and thus our greatness never flourishes into its full form

and comes to life,


for we deem others for what they are not,

and think of ourselves as more,

even though we are not more than anybody else

who is or is not part of our lives.


We are the same as everybody else

we walk by on the street,

no matter how much more knowledge we have,

no matter how much more money we have,

no matter how much more confidence

and how much more power we have,


and the only thing that truly separates us from each other

is the beauty or the ugliness that resides within our minds.

Don’t deem others for being somewhat different

for you yourself are somewhat different,

don’t deem others for being somewhat strange

for you yourself are somewhat strange,


accept others for what they are,

not for what they are not,

for it’s only then you shall

truly accept yourself

and love yourself truthfully.

Nobody's Guru

Was asked a truly great question yesterday by one of the members from a very different website. The question said who was I, and what made me qualified to preach to the masses? Each and every single time I look at and read that question out loud I cannot help but think and wonder of the person that I have become and of the person that I am today, for I am immensely proud of that person. I am immensely proud of the present Me, not the past Me, the person I once was or the future Me, the person I am going to become tomorrow. For I am not a Guru contrary to many people‘s beliefs, I am however a man of integrity and of a deep intellectual thought, with positive attitude and a very rich mindset who strives to become better each and every day at everything he does, and share his positive thoughts with the beautiful side of the world. I realize that my positive thoughts deem me as a preacher especially on the world wide web, but I also realize the power and significance of every single word, of how one single word when used properly can transform someone‘s life and change it for the better. That does not mean that I am one of those who make vast amounts of fortune by making people feel accepted and good about themselves. Far from it, my dear stranger. I am one of those who know what it takes to live a dream in everyday discomfort, and spreads that knowledge he learns to the people he cares about, wishes well, all the good, and all the best in life, for I strongly feel and believe that each and everyone of us deserves to live the life that we have always silently wished or wanted to live, and uncover various different kind of secrets, mysteries, and meanings of this wonderful gift of life we've all been given to unite and beautify the world.

Night Stalker

Night Stalker - Chris Carter


















What more can one truly say about Chris Carter and especially about the fictional character he has created that goes by the name Robert Hunter? There really is not that much more to say, for they are both equally brilliant at what they do for a living. Chris Carter is a brilliant writer who knows how to surprise his reader with most brilliant of twists and Robert Hunter, as fictional as he is, is a brilliant detective who knows how to connect the most sickening dots and solve the most sickening crimes committed by the most sickening of monsters from the world Chris Carter has created for all of us to read. It's not as gory as the previous one, but the murders committed are still brutal enough to turn your stomach upside down, so if you have a weak stomach I would advise against it, if you don't have a weak stomach, this is the kind of book that I would definitely recommend to you, for Chris Carter is a real deal who truly knows how to surprise with most brilliant of twists, and nobody in his fictional world is actually safe, so you don't truly know what you can expect when you end one chapter and continue to the next one, which is why he's become one of my favorite writers of this new era.    

Become Unstoppable

If you truly wish to progress in life

and become unstoppable someday

you have to learn what all these self-help gurus

who teach us how all of us should live our lives

have learned,


how to take control of your negative thoughts

and how to take control of your own mind,

for it‘s unfortunate, but it‘s only then when you

take control of your negative thoughts and of your own mind,

you are truly able to take control of your Self,


for your mind controls and knows

everything that you do throughout the day

and feeds on all the information it receives

and all the information you feed it with.


But the problem is,

your mind is constantly

being misinformed

and overwhelmed

by all kinds of pointless

and unnecessary distractions

that you do to spend your precious time,

so it does not believe that there‘s life for it

out of comfort and does not know

the truest value of effort and the truest

value of hard work.


All your mind knows is what it sees and what it experiences,

so if your mind experiences comfort, all your mind knows is comfort.

That‘s why to truly teach your mind and to take control over it,

you have to force yourself to live out of comfort,

so your mind experiences discomfort and knows

how it feels to be uncomfortable.


And once your mind learn that there‘s life

outside of comfort and thus realizes the truest

value of effort and hard work, and the truest value of

plenty of other things that I should have mentioned,

you can truly progress in life and become unstoppable.


Couldn't resist. :) Blessings

I have known this for a while now, but it still continues to amaze me how immensely strong and how immensely powerful the words that we actually use in our everyday vocabulary can actually be when used to unite and transform the world with God's love, God's praise, and God's unconditional cherishment. :)


Be Success and be Failure

The fear of failure

or in other words

the fear of failing at something

is not the biggest fear

that we have embedded

deeply in our minds.


The biggest fear that we unknowingly have

is the fear of success or in other words

the fear of succeeding in life.


And you won‘t ever succeed in life

by working hard every day and every night

until one unfortunate day or one unfortunate night

you won‘t be able to work hard anymore.


You can run as fast as you can run,

be as fast as a thunderbolt,

but eventually you will get tired,

and you are going to be forced to stop yourself 

just a mile or two miles before the  finish line,

right before the end of all of your effort,

and right before the beginning of your dream,

because you won‘t be able to run anymore. 


To actually progress in life 

you have to know and realize

who you are by failing through life,

and who you can be

and who you can become

by succeeding.    


Misery - Stephen King



















If you were a writer of a best-selling novel or best-selling series of novels and you were suddenly ready to let go of your previous works and try something new, something different, and something fresh, something you haven't tried before, what do you think would be the worst possible thing that could happen to you? Would that be Writer's block, or would that be Publishing Agency not being supportive of your writing anymore, or could it be a deranged fan of one of the fictional characters you yourself have created? I'd say that would be a deranged fan, for you can beat Writer's block anytime, you can find new Publishing Agency anytime you want to if they release you of your contract, but you can't beat a deranged fan and rationalize with a deranged fan. And the lead protagonist of this novel is unfortunately stuck in a deranged fan's house, after he suffers an injury and an accident. So he's all on his own with his biggest fan, and thus forced to at least try to rationalize with her, her name being Annie. I guess he's in quite a predicament. And his only way out of the mess he has found himself in is ironically his own work and his own writing, for to free himself of Annie's shackles, he's got to end his work in a proper manner or in a way only his biggest fan would have liked. Whether he succeeds or whether he fails, you're just going to have to see for yourself, but this is one of Stephen King's finest works, so expect a few immensely big surprises and tension along the way.  

Grow Rich

We all have an Ego
and one of the most apparent reasons
why our Egos grow
big, arrogant, ignorant,
selfish, and powerful instead of growing small,
is because our Selves are sometimes unable
to take various different kind of criticisms
from various different kind of sources.
For when we are unable to admit our wrongs and somebody else‘s rights,
our our weaknesses , and somebody else‘s strengths,
our faults, and somebody else‘s perfections,
we are unable to grow as human beings.
So instead of progressing into the right direction we should take,
we decline further down the road we should not take.
We decline down the road to arrogance, ignorance,
selfishness, and powerfulness, and think of our own Selves
like they mean a whole lot more to the world than any other Selves that surround us.
Which isn't true at all,
for with a big Ego
our Selves mean none,
with a big Ego
our Selves have no meaning whatsoever at all.
In fact the bigger Ego we carry with or within our Selves,
far less are the chances of our Selves
to flourish, to progress, towards our greatness,
and towards our ultimate destination,
which is our undeniable destiny.
That‘s why we have to be immensely careful
to keep our Egos as small as they can be,
and that‘s why we have to be able to
criticize our Selves first before we criticize and deem others.
We simply have to admit our mistakes
and not hide behind the various different kind of reasons
if what we truly wish is to progress in life
and ultimately become what we were always meant to be.
With a big Ego,
no dream whatsoever shall ever take us there.
Blessings. :)


Dare To Dream Big


It‘s immensely easy to say it

but immensely hard to do it.


It‘s not as easy as it sounds

and it‘s not as easy as it seems to

leave the comfort behind

and face the life of discomfort,

for discomfort takes courage,

a whole lot of effort, self-discipline,

persistence, bravery to face success,

bravery to face failure,

and many long hours of hard work on your Self,

your character, your attitude, and your identity,


for it‘s only when you are courageous enough,

when you put in a whole lot of effort,

self-discipline, and persistence,

and you are brave enough

to face success and to face failure,

and work hard on your Self, your character,

your attitude, and your identity,

you are truly living your life in discomfort.


And that‘s not all,

once you do finally live your life in discomfort,

your mind realizes something immensely important

that you are already aware or you are far from being aware of

thanks to all kinds of unnecessary and pointless distractions.


The truest value of hard work and the truest value of your potential,

and keeps pushing you and driving you forward until you fully implement

your truest value into your life and fully develop, uncover, and make something of your truest potential.


It‘s no brain science,

you don‘t really need a brain scientist

to tell you that comfort does not make dreams come true

for there is no chance and there is no possibility of a dream in comfort.

Discomfort on the other hand, does eventually make dreams come true,

for there is a chance and there is a possibility of a dream in discomfort.


So why would anybody in their right mind

entertain their mind with safety and unnecessary and pointless distractions

and quite simply give up on and destroy their dream?


I‘m sorry but the answer is because people who live their lives in comfort don‘t have a dream, and people who live their lives in discomfort are the ones who do. 

Stay Blessed and Dare to Dream,
my fellow avid readers. 

The Executioner

The Executioner - Chris Carter



















If you guys aren't into gory novels then this book is definitely not recommended for you, for it's got so much gore within it that even the storyline and truly insane plot cannot erase it from your minds. However, if you by any chance are and you've read plenty of books which covered gore to a very large extent, then I truly see no problem for you and you should give this brilliant writer who goes by the name Chris Carter a shot, for when he brings his characters to life he truly brings them to life, with all the ups and downs and with all the flaws and perfections. He truly is amazing and the character of Robert Hunter he has created has a potential to grow immensely big in thriller novel community, for Robert's got all from a brilliant mind that's capable of solving the most difficult and the most craziest of crimes, and put true monsters behind bars. So give Chris and Robert a shot, if you're into gore, and are searching for that truly insanely and brilliantly smart detective that's capable of connecting the craziest dots and truly insane writer who knows how to surprise with the most brilliant of twists. And let me finish by saying that this book has got quite a twist. 

Let Your Dreams Flourish

It all comes down to three immensely important things

that have immense potential to turn your dream

into reality in a blink of an eye.

Your beautiful mind, your limitless imagination,

and your endless amount of gratitude.


As long as your mind is chained by the comfort,

and chained by the past, your mind cannot confront

discomfort and the future, for it cannot see the difficult road

that you need and have to take toward your dream

and what’s waiting for it at the very end.


As long as your imagination is limited,

your mind’s unable to chase after your dream,

for your dream is pretty much non-existent.


And as long as you’re not grateful for the smallest of things,

the smallest of moments, the smallest of miracles,

and the smallest of occurrences that happen in your life,

you’re unable to share that dream, because you’re not open

to various different kind of chances, opportunities, and possibilities,

and thus have no dream, but this idea of a dream

that shall never become real and shall never flourish.


That’s why it’s necessary to have a beautiful mind

free of the comfort and free of the past,

that’s why it’s necessary to have limitless imagination

and have a dream and not a limited one and not have a dream,

and that’s why it’s necessary to have endless amount of gratitude

and be grateful for the smallest of things.


For once you learn that you must give your beautiful mind,

your limitless imagination, and your endless amount of gratitude to the world,

you also learn a truly valuable lesson, and that lesson is,

that by giving your Self to the world,

the world shall eventually give its own Self back to you,

and help you attract success into your life

until you shall one day live the life

you’ve always silently wanted to live.


So be a blessing in someone else’s life,

and let the world be a blessing in your life,

for it’s only then your life shall be blessed with

your craziest and wildest dream,

or with what sadly in most people's minds

seems to be impossible.





The Essential Law of Attraction Collection

The Essential Law of Attraction Collection - Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks

















One of the reasons why I decided to get myself and to read this long book is because I wanted to understand and comprehend all kinds of secrets and all kinds of methods behind the law of attraction some more. Make no mistake, I am definitely not the firmest believer into law of attraction, but even my skeptical self has to admit that positive thoughts do attract positive things and negative thoughts do attract negative things into our lives. So even though everything smells and definitely seems like the biggest scam created by spiritual self-help industry in the history of humanity, I've got to admit that there has got to be some truth to it. I am no self-help guru or one of those brain scientists who love to teach and preach us about how we should live our lives, so I've no idea what that secret is, or what kind of secret they use to attract massive crowds, but I do have a hunch that it has got to do with making people feel good about themselves. Anyway, if you are new to law of attraction, or you're just like me and you've learned of the law of attraction before, and wish to learn something more about it, how it all started and how to apply it to your life, then this book is pretty much perfect for your mind, for it's long enough and informative enough for you to learn pretty much everything there is to know about the law of attraction and who knows perhaps attract something immensely positive into your life. 

Such a simple and yet such a brilliantly amazing and such a heartfelt song. I don't think, I don't feel, and I don't believe that any further words are necessary or needed. 

Co-creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers

Co-creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Dr., Esther Hicks
















Don't really know what to really say about it, what to really write about it, or how to really describe this book to you that to me is not a book at all in any sense of the word, but more like a transcript of a truly deep and thoughtful intellectual spiritual conversation between an inspirational spiritual teacher Doctor Wayne Dyer who has written a whole lot of inspirational spiritual books, Esther Hicks, who has also written some of the inspirational books, and supposedly immensely wise collective consciousness that goes by the name Abraham. I have to say though that that the transcript of the entire conversation is so immensely inspirational and so immensely motivational that it has immense potential to completely change and completely transform your spiritual outlook on life, so, if you by any chance decide to go to the local or next town's bookstore and browse the spiritual or inspirational section for this transcript, keep in mind that you have been warned. For, if your heart's made of gold, there are moments in the entire transcript that will make you cry and wonder immensely about the spiritual aspects of life that you haven't actually encountered before. 

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii - Lee Goldberg, Andy Breckman


















I don't think and I don't feel that Adrian Monk and Natalie need to be or have to be properly introduced, for they've been in our hearts for many years, or ever since that episode when Natalie was introduced to the series and became one of the leads. In any case, we've all seen how their business relationship has evolved into friendship, and from friendship into something a whole lot more, even though it was never confirmed on the screen. However, this whole series of Monk novels are a true treasure when it comes to that, for they center on that relationship and are slowly evolving it into something more, that could as well be thought as love between the two. And that's something that I really like to read about. This book does show the annoying side of Adrian as he travels to Hawaii and faces everything he's scared about, but it also shows his softer side to some extent, the kind of side we've all grown to love over the years. So if you've watched Monk in the past, have enjoyed all the characters within the show, were fond of Monk and Natalie, don't hesitate, for you shall learn a lot more about both of them, especially Natalie, and read some truly heartfelt scenes and if your heart's made of gold, laugh out loud and cheer for their always lovely and always beautiful relationship.    

Climbing a Tree

The biggest mistake

that people actually make

on a regular basis

is that they think of themselves,

believe of themselves,

and feel of themselves as fools

because of negative people‘s opinions,

hurtful thoughts and hurtful ideas,

and negative people‘s poorly actions of their inner cowardice.

It‘s because people think of,

believe of,

and feel of themselves as fools,

and not for what they truly are,

they cannot reach for their goals,

they cannot reach for their dreams,

they cannot reach for their destiny,

and they cannot reach for their greatness,

for they are simply unable and too scared to climb

on top of that big and scary tree,

for in their beautiful minds they

simply think, believe, and feel,

that it is impossible,

and that they cannot climb on top of it

because the tree is just too high and too risky to climb.
All they truly see because

they let the negative people‘s opinions,

hurtful thoughts and hurtful ideas,

and negative people‘s poorly actions of their inner cowardice,

to control their lives, is that big and scary unclimbable tree.

They don‘t and they can‘t see what‘s on the top of that tree,

because their beautiful minds are being clouded

by scary risks and possible failures.

You have got to learn how to climb a tree

before you can actually start climbing a tree,

and that process of learning how to climb a tree

does not come out of various different

kind of You are‘s that are not being truthful to your character,

your attitude, your personality, and your identity,

it comes out of various different kind of I am‘s that are.

For, as long as you shall believe all the You are‘s

and not even a single I am,

you won‘t be able to climb that big and scary three

and reach for its branch, let alone for its top.

You can‘t reach for that big and scary tree‘s top with that kind of mindset.

That‘s why you have got to learn to accept

who you really are and truly are,

and not who others think, believe, and feel you to be.

You have got to realize that you are worthy

far more than you can ever begin to imagine,

and not what negative people view, judge, and expect you to be,

for it's only then you shall be ready enough to climb.

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